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Sunday, February 19, 2006
This is about the superb victory of India over Pakistan in the Hutch Cup...We won the series in 4-1 lead....Today's match in Karachi was both sweet and bitter.Initially wen I saw the Indian team tat was going to play today I was both shocked and happy.The Biggies in the team were glaringly absent and the team consisted of a very young squad led by an exp captain.On the other side too certain plyers absence was welcoming.I kept telling my brother tat if we can win a match with this squad then it will boost the confidence of our team..
In the begining wen Pak was batting and scoring a lot of runs I sat in the edge of my chair waiting for wickets to fall.When wickets started fallin finally, the damage had already been done.The final score was a staggering 286(cool).
When Indians came out to bat,it began as a very slow game and progressed to b so.When Yuvaraj came into bat,things started to cook up...ppl began running in the field and the ball began crossing the boundary.When Dravid got out,I was both happy and sad.Happy cos he was playing too slow to reach the total and his leavin would let Dhoni in.Sad cos it was yet another wicket and a very experienced one ,lost for the Indians.
But as usual Dhoni stole the show with 4 sixes and 6 fours...the last over alone had 2 of those sixes.Thus the lucky pair(Dhoni and Yuvraj) brought victory to the Indians.Yuvi was both MAN OF THE MATCH an SERIES.
when Dravid was asked about Dhoni and Yuvraj at the end of the match, he said tat,Yuvraj had taken batting to new levels and Dhoni was a spl player with exceptional talents.(hehehe its nice to hear tis)
It was a good show by the Indians....hope this will continue.
posted by aparna @ 2/19/2006 11:06:00 AM   2 comments
Saturday, February 18, 2006
How Gabtun will save us!
This message came as a mail to me...Its very funny so I am putting it here so tat u all can ensoi it...

NASA predicts Worldwide Holiday on Feb 1, 2019 as the world is scheduled to end ...

the second photo is terrible

To Save the World The Great Hero, Our One and Only Gabtun arises, look what he does to the comet.

posted by aparna @ 2/18/2006 04:51:00 AM   2 comments
Wednesday, February 15, 2006
It Happened!!!
It has happened finally!!!Well I had written an article on Dhoni's game on my blog...This article had somehow fallen in the eyes of an E-newspaper,they had picked up a few lines from my aticle and published it there for the article on Dhoni....On top of this they gave my blog url for further reading.
I was taken aback when I came to know of this.......Now whatever I had written has gone International without me making an attempt to do so...I felt funny(I was a little happy)........ but still I wrote this for me and my friends and gives me a funny feeling wen I come to know tat a lot of ppl are reading thru' it..
Well now tat the article is off the server I hope everything will b back to normal...
Like my mom always says ,"keep expecting the worst thing to happen at the least expected time"(hahahaha)
posted by aparna @ 2/15/2006 11:27:00 PM   1 comments
Monday, February 13, 2006
Dhoni rocks
Dhoni is no rock star, but he rocked today.....This guy played a wonderful game and led the Indian team to victory. I was so happy to see him play when I switched on the TV.What a game he played! wow he left the Pak fielders in a trance...They did not know literally where to field his shots.
The power of his strike was seen in how quickly the balls ran to the boundary.
The Pak fielders where on their toes when Dhoni was at the Striker end. It was simply a superb experience to watch the way the ball flew to every end of the field.I was shouting and clapping for every four he hit "WHAT SHOTS!!!"
At the end of the day he was selected as the MAN OF THE MATCH....what else can u honour our saviour with....President Pervez Musharaff was all praise of DHONI....He specially congratulated him and said that "your hair stlye is good...don't cut your hair"(Just what I think about his hair style)
As usual Dhoni gave that shy smile of his and mixed into our team crowd.When asked about the game they played today, he was praising "little master" and Yuvaraj.
Thus the match ended with India winning and me watching a wonderful game by my fav cricketer......What a game!!!
posted by aparna @ 2/13/2006 12:02:00 PM   2 comments
Saturday, February 11, 2006
This is my japanese name
Your Japanese Name Is...

Shina Aburakoji

This is my highest point of boredom....So put this up in my blog.Hey do try it in ur blog too.
posted by aparna @ 2/11/2006 08:51:00 AM   3 comments
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