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Thursday, February 21, 2008
When exams come!
Its been so difficult to keep up with blogging these days..I will not say I had no time, I am very sure if I am a little more organized in life I can make it to blogging.But the silly me never listens to the more good me.So here I am running around without accomplishing much in a day and eventually in life.Putting such silly references away and let me begin the topic I wanted to narrate here.

With half way into my spring semester I have been expecting the exams to arrive with a big bang into my otherwise assignment,project and no fun filled life.So they are coming up next week, adding misery to the already fun filled (sarcasm) graduate life.All these days I had mindlessly done assignments, projects and cooking and cleaning at home and attended classes.Now is the time of the semester where people find out if I really listened in class or was mentally wandering thinking of "which tour is Dhoni going on now".."whats the local time in that place"..remember I never do this its simply an imaginary reference to the thoughts I could have ruminated when the alphas and betas where dancing on the board.

So the real good student in me religiously attended every lecture, but trust me you have to listen to them atleast three times to get the idea of what actually happened that day in class.Seriously, its a the most horrible experience anyone can go through a feeling of the inability to grasp something, when some guy is asking questions in it.Kill him..idiot..over reacting to the stupid data being put up in the slide!!..thats exactly what I think when someone tries to wake up the otherwise slumbering class.

But to sum it up all I should have atleast woken up when that guy was asking those weird facts, cause now I am getting the same doubt as he had.Phew!! the silly me..I have to figure out the whole thing on my own.Very tough.So here it is..exams are fast approaching and I am still unaware of what was taught in class.
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Monday, February 04, 2008
Where was I?
With my birthday coming closer, I had a few thoughts about what I have made myself into? Where was I in all the years past...where have I reached in life?

Sounding like a crazy thingy to do...well you have nothing to do but think about yourself when you are far away from ppl u love the most.

So I was roaming about in my home thinking about some funny facts about me as a they have changed now..I have gained a few, lost a lot :)

kid :: Eating chocolates all time, any time is ok
now :: Eating chocolates leads to cavity, so brush teeth after chocolate..bah..I don't want chocolate, who has the time and energy to brush teeth over and over again

kid :: Eat as many ice creams as ur hands can hold, as long as u r near the ice cream shop and dripping ice cream all over one's frock is alrite.
now :: Ice cream is evil..causes cold and head ache...don't mess up the dress..u will have hard time washing it.

kid :: Eating outside is food types are kewl to try and wasting is ok.
now :: gosh who wants to go out and foods are not tat easy to give a try..wat if I waste it..I land up hungry and all money in pocket is gone too.

kid :: washing hands is no and run to kitchen to find ur fav food.
now :: wash hands before even drinking water.

kid :: if its dark outside..sit close to parents :P
now :: what the heck..we have electrical light.

kid :: hold parents hands while outside the house
now :: too far away from home...happy to hear them :D

kid :: don't talk to strangers
now :: speak to anyone when a job needs to be done

kid :: jump over the fence into the next house to retrieve tennis ball.
now :: jump..wats that?

kid :: Wish my distant cousin gets married..will see all other cousins and can play all day long..have great food..and say anything to mom..she can't beat small kids in public :D
now :: I am not going anywhere..I can drop u off at the hall..I am not coming in ..who wants to hear the same question from so many diff ppl "so when ur marriage"

kid :: beat the guy in your next seat black and blue..get into a madly in school..fall down.
now :: beating up someone..tat too a guy..r u crazy, non violence is the fighting..running big NO NO.

kid :: I go where ever mom and dad take me.
now :: I go where I have to go..I decide all of it..missing the bliss of not knowing where u are going and for what!!

SO here it is ppl..all that has how abt u ppl trying a little searching abt wat u were and wat u are now.

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posted by aparna @ 2/04/2008 09:54:00 PM   1 comments
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