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Saturday, March 24, 2007
End of a Dream

This is exactly the mood in which I slept and woke up today!!
Know y...Well the style in which India lost to Sri Lanka left me numb to all other things. I couldn't control the tears rolling down my eyes at around 2.30am today.I was simply lost, I felt like the team had let us down so badly.I switched off the tv mechanically and without a comment went to sleep.That match was the most disappointing match I had ever seen...I cursed myself for being so crazy abt the game...But still,in the heart of my hearts, I shall still go gaga over it, cos our team will someday fare well.Whatever happens, those who played yesterday are our fellow country men who also shared the same emotions as us, except that they could have done something about it.

Even wen a few lakh ppl disown the team..A few good souls still believe them and hope they shall restore the past glory!
I don't want to comment on the way each one played cause they know what they had done better than us!
A sad post by an exremely sad Indian cricket team fan...:(

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posted by aparna @ 3/24/2007 04:46:00 AM   0 comments
Friday, March 02, 2007
Team India -07

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With the world cup around the corner every nation that has sent its team for contesting in the WC dreams of getting the cup from the Indies soil to their soil...To get to see the cup being lifted by the men whom they have impressed upon the duty to win it..
Indians are quite different from these people, we r fanatics, we need that cup this year, come what may!!
We are a nation of people who look at cricket as a game that unites us together, makes us forget our bad leaders, forget our terrorist attacks and make us feel happy for those few hours we watch that match.Feel happy if we win that particular match else we get disappointed a lot.

I hope this year begins with a great success for our nation atleast in Cricket.
I wish our team all the best for this World Cup!

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posted by aparna @ 3/02/2007 10:55:00 AM   2 comments
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