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Sunday, June 22, 2008
A matter of unsettled career options
There has been many times in my life, I had thought I have a passion for works of art.All the time I used to think I should take up a career in a field of art, invariably the first thing that comes to my mind is writing.I don't know if I am good enough right away to start something in writing(though I write something in this blog), so I keep contemplating now and then about doing a degree in literature :D.

There are many other things that I am equally interested in, the list includes the following:
Cosmetology, Journalism, Sports journalism, fashion designing, Interior decoration etc.
It just feels like I am not really interested terribly about what I am doing right now.I just deal with inanimate machines all day long, while I really like making things for real people.Not that the programs I make are used by real people, only that the there is no interaction with real people till the product is made.While in all the arts and craft oriented field, every part of making the product needs free thinking and lots of people interaction.
May be the reason why I wanted to be a doctor all the time, is because it meant real people to be working with, real heroic deeds of saving lives.But I think I was too ambitious in that.But given a second chance, I will still want to be a doctor, I loved dreaming about being a I still dream, but now a doctor after a PhD :D.This is more realistic rt?
Someday..yes someday, I would have done something about one of these things I wanted myself to be :)
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