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Sunday, January 07, 2007
Dhoom Again!

Back again to writin here...well now I shall write a review on the movie I of the Movie D:2 a.k.a DHOOM 2.

To begin with this movie had no serious was a totally out of the blue scenario, where some guy with no name and motto goes on stealin a large number of invaluable stuff..this guy's role is played by Hrithik...the cops role is played by Abishek, Uday and Bipasha...Aishwarya is yet another thief who befriends Hrithik with high hopes(real stupid stuff)..

The hi-tech ways by which all the robberies happen are fun to watch, I enjoyed almost every song except the "My name is Ali...blah blah blah"--its bad.

Hrithik, even though the bad guy, outshines Abishek in the movie.Aishwarya looks pathetic, she looks as though she had been in the ICU for months now!
As for Bipasha..she looks the same glam doll as ever...Uday has had nothin todo so as to b commented upon..

The movie is an entertainer with nothing to remember after watchin it..except for the songs..I had nice fun watchin it, was happy to b entertained all thru the movie..gud value for the money I gave, atleast I wasn't cryin anywhere durin the movie!

Do watch it..if u want a mindless entertainer.

Note: all the ideas expressed above are my perception of the movie.No intentions to hurt any of the fans.

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