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Sunday, February 08, 2009
Sri Lankan Series
Been a long time since I blogged..err..very long it should be. In between my last post and this, the Indian cricket team had lead a successful conquest of half the earth. They have won almost all the series they were made to face and they are surely doing great. Winning was a surprise to Indians a year back, but now losing would be a surprise.
The India-SriLanka series squashed the Lankans in their own land. Though I never got a chance to watch the matches, I have been keeping myself informed about the matches. I am so glad that India is doing so well right now. Hope they keep the same trend and win the WC too.
This is not the first time our team is on a winning spree and making us hope for the world cup :). Hope, unlike all the other times, they win the WC.
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