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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Ajit's Birthday Celebrations!
Hi ppl I was supposed to be posting ajit's b'day fotos here...Uploading problems so will give a link here soon..His b'day was on 19th of september.This is an extremely late post but still I wanted to tell ya ppl abt his b'day celeb.

I wished him at mid night itself, woke him and wished half asleep.Poor guy woke up and thanked me...Then in the morning he left for class even before I woke up...When I met him again I wished him..Then my parents and me planned secrectly to cut a cake in the evening for his b'day.

I went out in the evening and smuggled the req goods into our refrigirator.Then at around six in the evening I called him to cut the cake..its was fun to see his face go from a bored one to a happy one!!!
Thus I celebrated the birthday of by younger yet taller brother's B'day.

I will sooner or later update a story I wrote about him.

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posted by aparna @ 9/27/2006 11:49:00 AM   1 comments
Tuesday, September 12, 2006
BAck to blog
I have not been blogging for a considerable amount of time now.The major reason being my laziness to type in posts.I accept that I must have taken some measures to get over it, but that never happens in my case.

Finally I made up my mind that I have to post in my blog and here u have the first fruit of that attempt. I have so many things to write that I will have to spend almost half of today if I start writing a post on each of them (phew)..So I will write a post miscellany, thats my immediate post!!

Some of the thing that happened at home have to be put up in this post itself i guess..

MOM gets Best teacher Award!!
My mom is a teacher, she teaches very well(I got to sit in her classes occassionally at school)...This year she had been adjudged Best Teacher by Ramanujam Academy!!
wishing all the best to my mom!!
(the award function is tomorrow...foto shall be updated if possible!)

MOM and DAD got married yesterday( some years back ofcourse!)
It was my parent's wedding day yesterday..I simply made some gulab jamun(yummy, they tasted very good!!) and surprised them..We had been to a nearby temple and tats it..a very kutti celebration of the day!
(I dono wat to wish them..luv u mom and dad!)
posted by aparna @ 9/12/2006 12:07:00 AM   1 comments
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