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Thursday, September 27, 2007
Dhoni's Young Team brought the WC Home.
After winning the world twenty twenty, the Indian team had proven that Indian cricket has a safe future.A young tem of determined individuals made India proud.I could not get to see the match in this part of the world, but as an Indian I had the same emotions as any fellow Indian back home.I was so happy that I kept smiling for two full days and spoke about the match to anyone I saw.

With a post about cricket, I can't leave Dhoni out of it, for he is the captain of the team and a very good one at it.When I saw Dhoni lift the cup I was like OMG!!
Its was such a great thing to do I guy who has not been long in international cricket, his growth into a mature leader he is today has been fast and astounding.
I just like him for his simplicity and having his head on his shoulders.Well people had always criticized his way of playing, like one of my friends said "India won WC cos Dhoni did not play properly"---but he was leading very well and had made the team work with a lot of commitment.I don't remember the last time I saw the entire team do well.There was always a slackening in someone's performance, or the bowling will go astray or the batting line up will collapse or the fielders will have buttery hands.
But this was a match in which as per critiques, the all round performance of the team was very good.Wow, this was something that the Indian team had never heard about itself, an all round good performance.

Well I am glad that the men in blue made up for the crap they got us in WC2007, I am even more glad that Dhoni has proven himself worth of captaining the Indian team.

Men in BLUE have sure proven their worth...:D

A spl thing::
I got this mail about dhoni, a nice one so I put it up here:

Eppadi Irunda naan:

Ippadi Agiten:

Like always.....yeaaaaa..Dhoni you sure ROCK!!:D

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