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Friday, July 21, 2006
When it rains
Rain is the most beautiful natural phenomenon, it appeals to all our senses.

you can hear the rain drops falling around u.
you can smell the dry land getting soaked in water drops(the smell is pure ecstasy).
you can see the newly washed plants the glimmer and simmer in the light of the day!
you can feel the cold drops drench ur body and elevate the spirits!(the spirit in here refers to the soul)
you can taste the taste of tasteless water(most of dono that pure water is tateless!!)

I always luv the rainy season, as a kid i liked it,for it always brought holidays along, it was also enjoyable getting wet till the skin and getting back cold and shivering and it also ensured that my tiny garden looks neat and green all time!!
Rains in the high school days meant bunking classes and most wanted sick days(a reason i often quoted for not going to school)..
Rains, in college days meant muddy exteriors in my college, traffic jams, humid afternoons, sick lectures, beautiful scenery and lots of pooochi(insects)..
Rains ,wen I am vetti means a lot of stuff, a bedsheet, hot tea and the window side its magic..watching the drops fall magically from nowhere (for all practical puposes i consider the sky to b at infinity)is soo superb!

I sit there from the starting till the end..
the lighting and thunder and the beautiful shower!!
I watch 'em all none to b missed..
As each one of them is nature's gift!
A gift from sky to sand..
the gift of water to land!!

note:I know how horrible my post would read...don't bother, u too try enjoying the rainy season from now on!

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posted by aparna @ 7/21/2006 01:15:00 PM   2 comments
Thursday, July 06, 2006
Happy B'day Dhoni
please ppl bear with me just one more post on Dhoni!!
No more consicuitive posts ok!!

Today is the Birthday of Mahendra Singh DHONI...He turn 25 today!!

So here is a kutti way I have told u ppl tat its his birthday!

Wishing him a very happy birthday!!
Hope this year he contributes a lot to the team and makes a mark in the forth coming world cup!
posted by aparna @ 7/06/2006 11:19:00 PM   3 comments
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