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Monday, February 04, 2008
Where was I?
With my birthday coming closer, I had a few thoughts about what I have made myself into? Where was I in all the years past...where have I reached in life?

Sounding like a crazy thingy to do...well you have nothing to do but think about yourself when you are far away from ppl u love the most.

So I was roaming about in my home thinking about some funny facts about me as a they have changed now..I have gained a few, lost a lot :)

kid :: Eating chocolates all time, any time is ok
now :: Eating chocolates leads to cavity, so brush teeth after chocolate..bah..I don't want chocolate, who has the time and energy to brush teeth over and over again

kid :: Eat as many ice creams as ur hands can hold, as long as u r near the ice cream shop and dripping ice cream all over one's frock is alrite.
now :: Ice cream is evil..causes cold and head ache...don't mess up the dress..u will have hard time washing it.

kid :: Eating outside is food types are kewl to try and wasting is ok.
now :: gosh who wants to go out and foods are not tat easy to give a try..wat if I waste it..I land up hungry and all money in pocket is gone too.

kid :: washing hands is no and run to kitchen to find ur fav food.
now :: wash hands before even drinking water.

kid :: if its dark outside..sit close to parents :P
now :: what the heck..we have electrical light.

kid :: hold parents hands while outside the house
now :: too far away from home...happy to hear them :D

kid :: don't talk to strangers
now :: speak to anyone when a job needs to be done

kid :: jump over the fence into the next house to retrieve tennis ball.
now :: jump..wats that?

kid :: Wish my distant cousin gets married..will see all other cousins and can play all day long..have great food..and say anything to mom..she can't beat small kids in public :D
now :: I am not going anywhere..I can drop u off at the hall..I am not coming in ..who wants to hear the same question from so many diff ppl "so when ur marriage"

kid :: beat the guy in your next seat black and blue..get into a madly in school..fall down.
now :: beating up someone..tat too a guy..r u crazy, non violence is the fighting..running big NO NO.

kid :: I go where ever mom and dad take me.
now :: I go where I have to go..I decide all of it..missing the bliss of not knowing where u are going and for what!!

SO here it is ppl..all that has how abt u ppl trying a little searching abt wat u were and wat u are now.

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posted by aparna @ 2/04/2008 09:54:00 PM  
  • At 1:51 AM, Blogger --xh-- said…

    an intresting retrospection. wonderful read :) will try to do something like this... :)

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