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Saturday, December 31, 2011
Why no posts
Either I have no more vetti ideas or I am lazy. I will pick being lazy. I hope to update this blog more often than before. Happy new year everyone.
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Saturday, July 25, 2009
The Birthday Post
Its been so hectic for the past few weeks that I almost forgot it was Dhoni's birthday on 7 of July. I was randomly browsing through my office notes, when I realised that I had forgotten to put a appppeee burthday post for the ever so charming Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

I feel its been long since I came close to any form of game.I have just lost any hopes of seeing cricket on TV again. I still read the ball by ball comentary on cricinfo and just imagine the action and drama on the field :(

Not to mention the occassional intervention by some pressing assignement at work that leads me to a dual living state. I keep shifting to a noisy cricket stadium from the very silent work place.

In this post I shall also wish my friends Rakesh, Neha and Swetha a very happy birthday and a wonderful year. As for Dhoni, wish you a very happy birthday and a wonderfully memorable year.

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Sunday, February 08, 2009
Sri Lankan Series
Been a long time since I blogged..err..very long it should be. In between my last post and this, the Indian cricket team had lead a successful conquest of half the earth. They have won almost all the series they were made to face and they are surely doing great. Winning was a surprise to Indians a year back, but now losing would be a surprise.
The India-SriLanka series squashed the Lankans in their own land. Though I never got a chance to watch the matches, I have been keeping myself informed about the matches. I am so glad that India is doing so well right now. Hope they keep the same trend and win the WC too.
This is not the first time our team is on a winning spree and making us hope for the world cup :). Hope, unlike all the other times, they win the WC.
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Monday, November 03, 2008
Dhoni Again!
I just thought I had stopped writing or even thinking of updating my blog these days. Then I hear this great news that Dhoni is the captain of the Indian test cricket team.
It is a really good news, but poor guy,there must be more pressure on him now. I guess he has made a good impression as a captain of the Indian team for the T20 and one day squad and this has made him an obvious choice for the job.
Something to note here, when I was working in India, people used to tell me don't work very hard else you will be given more work to do. Whether its IT or cricket looks the rule is the same.If you do well they drive you to deliver more till they burn you out.
Hope they understand what they are doing and give chance to other people too. After all the future will soon be here and Dhoni will have to retire someday too!!

But anyways, all the best Dhoni, I am still crazy abt you and very very happy for you!

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Monday, July 07, 2008
Happy Birthday Dhoni
I don't know how time flies again is the birthday of the man behind the wickets.It feels like only yesterday I wished him, and here it is the day he came to be on earth...

Wish u all luck in whatever you do..let the midas touch stay with you...and may you bring more laurels to the game and the country.

Once again..wish u a very very very happy birthday Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Pssst I am still crazy abt u [:D]

Today is the birthday of one of my best buddies Neha Singh..Neha dearie, wish u a very happy birthday and a lot of luck this year.

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